About Soldiers Freedom Outdoors


Our Mission

Grooming Horses

To Honor, Respect, Empower and Cherish all of our veterans and active duty service members to “Heal the Hidden Wounds of War” through eco and equine therapy. 

Our Vision

To provide a safe holistic place where our military can begin the journey toward healing. We are giving back to these men and women who have given, and continue to give unselfishly to protect this great nation, and ask nothing of us in return.

Many of our troops have lost their lives; others have lost limbs, and so many have lost themselves. We have experienced and witness the healing balm our Creator provides through nature. Let us not lose another Hero from the hidden wounds of war.

Who we serve

We serve veterans and active duty military personal throughout the United States. Our facility is known as Camp Freedom, located in Melrose Florida

Life sharing

Often, sharing the past is the beginning of leaving painful memories behind, and the stat of a new life mission. Therefore, we have created a “safe place”, where our troops can share the past, with God, another comrade, or perhaps with a caring volunteer.

We ensure that those who come to our retreats have opportunities to share their stories, their struggles and their celebrations. Our retreats are small - which help to create intimacy, trust and genuine fellowship. Some of life’s moments may be shared on the trail, around the campfire, on the dock, or in the hunting blind.

Family Times Together

While the small, intimate times of a retreat mean everything to many, there are times when we enlarge our circle of honor by inviting the families to attend special events.